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Morris“Allen served under my command during operations in Kosovo, and I was most interested to learn what he had achieved since leaving the service.

I was pleased to read through this book to see how much of the lessons we taught within the military, he has been able to make use of since leaving and pleased to see he has put them to good use.

The strategies he has identified within this book, have all been proven and tested both on operational commitments overseas and within peacekeeping operations and have always proven invaluable to the success of the mission.

This is a very compelling read, and will be of much benefit to anyone in business who wants to adopt a clear route to success.”

WO1 RSM Morris

Helen“I’ve known Jay for a long time now, having previously worked with him, and remained a long term friend.  I was thrilled to learn he was to publish his own book, as I’ve been saying he should for ages.

The content within this book is clearly written, very engaging, and full of really useful information anyone in business could use straight away to see a real difference in the way they do business.

I’ve always got a lot from listening to the things Jay shares, and I’m confident you will too”


Helen Downey

Mark“The stuff I got from this book, was just massive, and I’ve begun implementing it straight away.

There’s lots of really interesting and informative material, along with loads more when you follow the links to the stuff on the website.

It’s cleverly put together and will help anyone who wants to really get on in business loads.  I’ve already recommended it to a number of colleagues and friends, and can’t wait for his second book”



Mark Ward-Wilkinson
Fiona“I run a personal training business, and have never had any military experience, or interest, but have previously heard and was most inspired by the author when he spoke at an event I attended.

Having read the book, I’ve been re-inspired even more than before. The book is full of really great take away advice that I can implement and see a difference straight away, from reading the first few pages I was hooked”



Fiona Haynes
Body FX Personal Training